Industry expertise


The following is a list of industries, which we have a good understanding of and in which we have developed a meaningful network, enabling us to put ideas into perspective, create business opportunities and ultimately drive value for all of our partners. At Arrowhead we are just as focused on what can happen within each industry group, as on the multiple benefits of transversals between industry groups and practices. We maintain our proprietary industry outlooks for our different sectors of interest. We follow and study trends, and the different factors influencing each market, in order to establish our own projections and stay ahead of the curve. With rigor and intelligent foresight we are able to help our clients take the decisions which make the most of their portfolios.

Technology, Software & Web
Healthcare & Life Sciences

We study all verticals of these rapidly changing industries, from industrial or professional services, usages and innovations to consumer markets. We strive to weigh which of these advancements will most impact businesses and societies, changing and creating markets. In addition we offer analysis on those companies we think will have the vision to successfully impose their products. Our team strives to identify and measure creative edge and new technical processes.

Progressing the quality of patient care all over the world is one of our main interests and the driving theme of our group.  Spanning Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, IT and Biotech, we leverage the community to well understand the healthcare system, elaborate market verticals and treatment of various diseases, in order to match talented resources with the best initiatives to make an everyday difference in the treatment of pathologies and pain.


Our focus is both on upstream and downstream companies encompassing the whole industry value-chain. We put an emphasis on offering insight as to when and where incremental value is created. We are interested in companies at all levels of maturity, from grass roots exploration projects to producing, industrial, engineering and service companies. We focus on a wide array of materials including but not limited to iron ore and steel, base and precious metals, rare earth elements and metals, diamonds, precious stones, coal and uranium.

We recognize the importance of growing renewable and clean energy and the role we can play to further define and shape the next generation of energy supply and energy markets.  We also recognize the importance of fossil fuels in a growing and productive world economy.  By leveraging our skillset and our relationships with practitioners in the industry we drive good business opportunities and sound policy.

B2B & B2C Services
Agriculture & Forestry

Agribusiness is an essential and fundamental vertical of a prosperous world economy, the case for which is relatively easy to make.  We recognize the need to implement modern, efficient and healthy agricultural systems. Our group works with a network of professionals, helping drive their efforts to build valuable links in the agribusiness.

Spanning the entire spectrum of business and consumer services, we support the notion of outsourcing, the division of added value and economies of scale as a driving force of this century’s economy.  We take an encompassing approach to understand, evaluate and serve a spectrum of fast growing consumer and professional service business globally. We support best in class experience providers and foster ethical commercial and operational growth.

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